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Why choosing us

why choosing us

Designed with Amore was born early in 2012; I had just moved to the United States and having obtained my Master degree in Architecture in Italy, I was working on finding an Architect internship which would help me assessing my degree in this continent.

I was having a little bit too much fun ordering paper swatches, embellishments (which will never be used for my invites) and creating different templates and artwork, that I just simply told myself I would have Loved to do that everyday for pretty much the rest of my life. And so it started! My first sale was on Etsy on April 10th 2012, and from that one, I have worked with about 6300 amazing couples. My job is intense, overwhelming, but oh so rewarding! I am honored to be a little part of my clients’ Big Day and I would not change it with any other job in the world!!


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