Elegant Calligraphy invitation card – Florence design {Aqua version}



Purchase the item in the quantity of 1 to have a PRE PRINTED STOCK SAMPLE of this Calligraphy invitation card mailed to you; the sample will be printed on one of our signature card stocks, the envelope will be one of our envelopes.

Your Sample will include:

> 5″x7″ layered panel card {Aquamarine}

> Card stock {Aquamarine} and Lace belly band

> Layered monogram square {Gold glitter layer}

> A7 envelope, premium {Aquamarine}

Response card and Insert cards are not included in the sample, but can be added on your actual order. Gold Glitter envelope liner is not included on the sample but can be added as an extra.  With your sample you will also receive a Buyer’s guide, a price referral sheet and our color palette printed on our card stock choices.

Price also reflects price for one card as described for a minimum bulk order of 50 of these Calligraphy invitation cards {shipping not included}. If you would like to place a Deposit on a bulk order please do not purchase multiples of this listing, but rather read below How to place a Deposit

*  this envelope requires more postage when mailed to your guests


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